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Fish Heads

A YA Tale of Supernatural Suspense

Fish Heads front cover 4 x 6.jpg

Be careful what you wish for …

Louis had exhausted the long list of babysitters his parents had compiled. At first, it was easy to get someone to come to the house. There were plenty of high school-aged kids in the neighborhood eager to make a buck, and the Millers paid their sitters well. But they lived in a small town, and word spread quickly. Louis was a likable kid, but he was a challenge.

Even Louis had to admit the validity of such a claim. There was that time he set fire to the playhouse, and his mom would never let him forget the morning he boarded a bus and crossed the state line just to see if they’d actually let a seven-year-old do that sort of thing. He never set out to cause trouble, he was just so easily bored, and most teenage girls were much more interested in social media than hanging out with a little kid. He needed adventure. He needed excitement. Heck, he’d even take a good old-fashioned game of chess, but he had yet to find a teen interested in entertainment that wasn’t found on a phone.

And then one night, Jillian came to sit for him.

A Novella

The Key Kindle cover update January 2023.jpg

When Annalee James was five years old, her parents were killed in a car accident during a terrible blizzard. Helena and Desi, her aunt and uncle, became her guardians and moved their newly made family to a small coastal town in Connecticut for a fresh start.


Years later, Annalee returns to Chicago to attend college, where she meets Cade Mitchell, a handsome but sullen and brooding upperclassman. It’s not love at first sight, but as time passes, Annalee begins to see some of the gold glimmering beneath Cade’s tough boy façade.


Annalee brings Cade home over the Thanksgiving holidays, and the town is visited by a winter storm. Helena loans her niece a dark, wool coat—one that her father wore before his death thirteen years before. Buried in a pocket, Annalee finds a key to a safety deposit box at the local bank. One with both of her parents’ names on it.


Upon opening the box, Annalee begins to suspect that things in life are not coincidental. Perhaps the universe is more powerful than she once believed, and things eventually unfold as they are meant to.


Helena and Desi always taught her to trust in herself. Can she do that now? Can she trust in those she loves? Can she turn what she’s learned about her past into something that will give her a bright and happy future?

A YA Thriller

LEAF Kindle Next Day Gone FINAL July 2021 300dpi.jpg

In the fall of 1998, four girls disappeared from Redwood, a small town just outside of Asheville, North Carolina. All of them were young. All of them were beautiful. None of them were found alive. Drew’s mother, Willow, was one of those girls.

Seventeen years later, Paige, Drew’s girlfriend, disappears from school. When she’s found dead, the details of her murder are eerily similar to his mother’s. Residents fear the return of the Sleeping Beauty Strangler, and Drew’s family is thrown back into the spotlight.

Things are a bit different this time around because Drew has seen the killer.

What’s worse is the killer knows it.

Can he untangle the details of both murders while under the watchful gaze of the killer? Can he keep his loved ones safe, or will he die before bringing the murderer to justice?

A Novella

UPDATED Nine Ladies Dying Kindle cover August 2021 300 dpi.jpg

Boston, Massachusetts, a city known for its highly ranked universities, professional sports teams, esteemed venues for classical music … and murder.

When Janie, one of Wickham Ballet Company’s principal dancers is found dead, dangling from the backstage rafters with a long, decorative scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, her death is ruled a suicide. The company is devastated and still reeling from the loss of four other dancers—including Janie’s roommate—who died in a hit and run accident just a month before.  

Shelby, a Corps de Ballet dancer, isn’t convinced Janie’s death was a suicide. When two more dancers die, this time from food poisoning, Shelby becomes even more certain that her friend didn’t take her own life.

With the help of her sister and Janie’s understudy, Shelby starts digging up details about the staff and dancers in the company. She’s close to coming up with a suspect, but not before another dancer is brutally murdered.

Eight ladies dead.

The killer has grown impatient with Shelby’s interference. If she’s not careful, she may be the ninth lady to die.

A Collection of Short Stories,
Personal Essays & Poetry

Acquainted with Butterflies cover April 2024 4 x 6.jpg

Whether it’s a boarding school with a mysterious disappearance, a long car ride on a sunny afternoon, or Southern Lit told with a sly wink and a smile, each story and poem included in Acquainted with Butterflies is a journey of self-discovery and reading purely for the joy of reading. Editor, wife, mother, homeschool teacher and author, J.C. Wing has spent her life traveling, learning, teaching, experiencing, and doing what authors do best—writing stories and poetry from her unique perspective. "The stories in this collection are engaging, poignant, suspenseful and creative. They cup your heart in their metaphorical hands and don’t let go."

COT Kindle Cover 2021.jpg

Faith Linsey is happily consumed with the day to day business of taking care of her siblings and being the obedient daughter of a well-liked pastor and his wife. Her view of the world is naïve and simple, and, at the age of ten, is only as large as her own hometown.


Unable to sleep one hot, humid night, Faith is surprised to hear her father on the front porch. Curious, she decides to follow him. While hidden behind a large tree, Faith witnesses something that pulls the innocence of her childhood out from underneath her. Once she steps outside the small world of her family’s home and church, she begins to question everything, including the belief that her father is an upstanding and respectable man.


Faith’s story begins in Jackson, Mississippi in 1946, soon after the end of World War II, and moves straight into the heat of the Civil Rights Movement. A string of events take place, both in her personal life and in the world at large, that force Faith to decide what it is she truly believes in, what things are important enough to fight for, and what things are best left behind.

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