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My name is J.C. Wing, and I’m a bestselling, multi-genre author. I published my first book, a family drama, ten years ago. Since then, I’ve written fantasies, romantic comedies, thrillers, YA, poetry … even the occasional limerick. I just released my eighteenth novel and have plans for many, many more. I have always published under Black Cat Press, my own imprint, but I’m very open to a partnership with the right publisher.

For fourteen years, I got to be a homeschool mom to my two remarkable kids. I not only got to teach them but had the opportunity to share my love of creative writing with other children when I organized a series of writing workshops in a homeschool group we were a part of. I loved helping them use words to create amazing stories and poems.


I was a competitive figure skater for many years. All of my experiences on the ice were good ones, except for the time I broke my wrist. I bounced back from it pretty quickly back then but have suffered from chronic pain because of the injury for the last decade. I am still recovering from a series of five surgeries, and now have a prosthesis in my right arm. To help with my physical therapy, I have begun to draw and paint—something I did a lot of as a child—and have incorporated that with my love of words. There very well could be a children’s picture book in my near future …

I am a Colorado native, but I’ve been lucky to have lived in both North Carolina and Germany. I work from home, and I have a furry group of writing companions. They include Tara, the golden retriever of absolute happiness, and Calvin and Cayenne, the kittens of chaos. When I’m not writing or drawing, I can usually be found re-watching episodes of Gilmore Girls, reading, or looking for my next glass of iced chai tea.

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