J.C. Wing is a multi-genre, bestselling novelist whose works include The Color of Thunder,

The Gannon Family Series, the Goddess of Tornado Alley Series and a collection of short stories, personal essays and poetry titled Acquainted with Butterflies. She also wrote a novella called The Key and recently published her first mystery, Nine Ladies Dying.  Next Day Gone, a YA thriller, was released in December 2019, and she is a contributing author and editor for the Grey’s Harbor anthology.


J.C. has a fondness for iced chai tea, Greek mythology, giraffes and reading really good books. She’s worked for A & H Publishing, Kids 411 Magazine and Booktrope. In 2016, she decided to work for herself and launched Wing Family Editing. She publishes under Black Cat Press, her own imprint. Her writing companions include Mouse, a cranky but lovable twenty-pound cat, and Tara, the golden retriever of absolute happiness.


J.C. is an eternal optimist and a friendly sort. She smiles a lot … but she is silently correcting your grammar. She doesn’t mean to. She’s an editor. She can’t help it.