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Alabama Skye

A Skye Full of Stars

A Warm Winter Skye

Beneath a
Southern Skye


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When tragedy befalls Cheney McGillivray, she leaves her beloved home on Scotland's Isle of Skye and arrives unannounced on her sister Meara's doorstep in Kelby, Alabama. Together, Cheney and her niece, Greer, turn their historic family home into a proper Southern B & B.  Cheney thinks she's left her heartbreaking past behind, but when a guest shows up and unknowingly reveals her secret, she realizes that the five generations of women who make up her family are strong and true indeed. 

The past rears up again years later when Cheney receives a letter from a family friend that sends her and Meara to the UK. Through letters written nearly seventy-five years earlier, the women are transported back to war-torn Scotland where the Gannon family tree first took root. Back in Alabama, Greer and the rest of the Gannons are put through trials and tribulations that prove once and for all that blood isn't the only thing that builds a family.

Dead Beat Dates

& Deities

Brides, Beasts

& Baklava



Dead Beat Dates & Deities Kindle 2021 30
Brides, Beasts & Baklava Kindle 2021 300

Honeymoons, Harpies

& House Arrest


Honeymoons, Harpies & House Arrest Kindl

Wings, Whiskey

& a Waitress


Wings, Whiskey & a Waitress Kindle 2021.

A laugh out loud tale about a mortal matchmaker who is a romantic failure, a goddess jealous of her extraordinary gift, and the god who has fallen head over wings in love with her.

Grey's Harbor

(Collaboration with other authors)

Book Cover.jpg
GH Christmas correct size Kindle cover 3

(From Grey's Harbor Anthology

Welcome to Grey's Harbor, a small town nestled along the shores of North Carolina. It’s a place where love is born and passions are ignited, where hearts are broken and second chances are plentiful.
Carol Cassada, Lark Griffing, Piper Malone, Jennifer Sivec, and JC Wing have come together to create this whimsical town with unforgettable characters who fight for love, forgiveness, and each other, and discover that second chances are often the best of them all.

(From Harbor Song)

Izzy hasn't tasted a drop of alcohol in twenty years, but the closer her niece's wedding gets, the more tempted by the bottle she becomes.
The Mizzen Mast is a popular hangout in Grey's Harbor. Izzy, its proprietor, knows everyone in town. They think they have her figured out, too, right down to the reason she started drinking, but they’ve got it all wrong. While Izzy never imagined having to raise her sister’s four-year-old daughter, Magnolia Jane never fueled her alcoholism. She'd been Izzy's saving grace.
Magnolia Jane is starry-eyed, head over heels in love, and powered by the invincibility of the young. Izzy had been that way, too, until one ordinary, unremarkable day turned her world upside down. The thought of Magnolia Jane suffering the same heartbreak is unbearable, so Izzy tells her niece about the boy she loved ... the boy she still longed for two decades after she'd last seen him.
Izzy wants to help, but her niece might surprise her. Will Magnolia Jane save Izzy a second time by showing her she hasn't lost the chance for a happily ever after?

(From A Grey's Harbor Christmas)

It's Christmas in Grey's Harbor, but glad tidings aren't the only things blowing in from offshore. A nor'easter blasts the sleepy seaside town, bringing with it snow, wind, heartache, and happiness.

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