The devil is in the details ...

if you care to look hard enough.

Jonah has lived in Black Creek since the day he was born. It’s business as usual for his company, McKee Construction. His office manager directs his day-to-day from the home office, and his mom continues to do her best with the rest of his life from her condo 1,200 miles away. Things are somewhat mundane but comfortably familiar. Then, all in the span of a week, three women show up and turn Jonah’s well-organized life upside down.


Driving home after hearing the unexpected news that he’s a father, a car runs a red light and hits a dog that’s wandered into the road. While sitting in the waiting room of the nearest animal clinic awaiting the injured animal’s fate, Jonah’s mind is filled with thoughts of Scarlett, the beautiful four-year-old girl with hair the color of a raven’s wing and eyes that look just like his own. Jonah’s ex has gotten her and their daughter into trouble, and the state of Montana has decided he’s the one to bail them out.


Colbie, the veterinarian at the hospital, steps in and unwittingly saves them all. She’s funny, beautiful and sweet, with a knack for healing both animals and people. Jonah, Scarlett and the dog quickly grow to love her, and she becomes a special part of their new existence together.


But is she too good to be true?


As time goes on, pieces of Colbie’s past get kicked up, revealing things that aren’t so shiny. Is she really who she says she is? What was she running from when she arrived in Black Creek? The longer she’s in Jonah’s life, the stronger their friendship grows, but will the truth send it crumbling to the ground?