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Sometimes there's more drama offstage ...

Boston, Massachusetts, a city known for its highly ranked universities, professional sports teams, esteemed venues for classical music … and murder.

When Janie, one of Wickham Ballet Company’s principal dancers is found dead, dangling from the backstage rafters with a long, decorative scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, her death is ruled a suicide. The company is devastated and still reeling from the loss of four other dancers—including Janie’s roommate—who died in a hit and run accident just a month before.   

Shelby, a Corps de Ballet dancer, isn’t convinced Janie’s death was a suicide. When two more dancers die, this time from food poisoning, Shelby becomes even more certain that her friend didn’t take her own life.

With the help of her sister and Janie’s understudy, Shelby starts digging up details about the staff and dancers in the company. She’s close to coming up with a suspect, but not before another dancer is brutally murdered.

Eight ladies dead.

The killer has grown impatient with Shelby’s interference. If she’s not careful, she may be number nine.

What readers are saying ...

"Impressive to say the least."     eedeekay

"To pack this very fast-paced murder mystery into a novella, have it all make sense and keep you on the edge of your seat shows HUGE talent. HUGE."     funky_town

"This murder mystery is perfection! Where has this amazing author been?"     Jackie Shephard, Netgalley

"Wowza! Hold on to the ballet bar because J.C. Wing is going to take you on a wild ride through the eyes of Shelby Craig, one of the Corps Dancers for Wickham Ballet Company."       Jamie O

"I loved it and always marvel at how skilled Wing is at created at a full-bodied, detailed and immersive story even in novella form."     Pixel3131

"Agatha Christie, eat your heart out!"     Erin Wolf

"The author has cleverly weaved a story jam-packed with intrigue, jealousies and murder - all waiting in the wings for their cue to come bursting onto the stage."     Sahar Abdulaziz

"...the suspense in thinking you have it all figured out just to find out you're wrong is very engaging."     Lil Sis 7